About Us

A Goodfellows Craft is an independently owned and operated business by Brett Goodfellow. All items sold by this Los Angeles County based small business are items that are made and crafted by hand. All items carried and sold by AGC are made with exquisite craftsmanship. What AGC tries to create is something genuine, artistic, authentic, and naturally beautiful catering the demographic of the occult, witchcraft, Pagan, macabre, and lovers of nature and natural products.

Brett Goodfellow is a metalsmith who also works with wood, leather, bone, and antler. A talented artisan who is doing it all on his own and bringing back the style and profession of the old days. Drawing inspiration from natures natural beauty.

 All pens and knife handles are carved, sanded, and stained by hand with select local and exotic woods. Antler knives and products are cut, crafted, and sculpted arduously with care. The pewter talismans are computer drawn, 3d printed, and spin casted on site within the shop. Astrological necklaces are all originally drawn by owner, casted and made with leather cordage. All sheaths are distinctively cut, riveted, or sewn by Brett, with various options of characteristic styles, including vegan plant leather!

AGC is continually growing their product line with fresh and visionary ideas and contributions. He makes and creates his own designs as well as caters to one of a kind opened commissions to those seeking a more exclusive and individualized style.